WeLobby is a social lobbying platform with crowdfunding mechanism.
As a head of design, my task was to develop and manage all aspects of the platform design and creative input/output while ensuring that the deliverables are aligned with users’ expectations and executed within the budget and timeframe.


WeLobby was born out of a hackathon in 2018 in Berlin. The idea is to build a platform that guarantees transparency, accessibility and legitimacy of the usually-opaque lobbying process. In order to accomplish this, we created a lobbying platform that focuses on public participation and use the crowdfunding mechanism to embolden individual supporters.

The Challenge

Prior to the design process kicking off, we had carried out research with the potential target groups including activists, workers of non-governmental organizations and those that have actively participated in activities leading to social changes.

We chose to focus our research on these specific groups as they are the personas we believed to be our early adopters. We had designed and distributed a survey as well as organized an in-person interview session of 20 minutes per participant. The result was unanimous that more direct participation in the lobbying process is the way to go. Crowdfunding platforms not only guarantee the legitimacy of the campaign but at the same time could help extend the awareness of each topic in focus.

Even though the concept of crowdfunding is not new, the crowdfunding for lobbying is considered to be a novel idea. The task is not limited to the usability and functionality of the platform but also to increase the awareness and educate the public about complex social lobbying processes in parallel.


Each feature of the platform is designed in order to improve the transparency, accessibility and legitimacy of the lobbying process.


While giving a detailed explanation on each necessary legal process, the platform commits to provide regular updates on each step undertaken by the lobbying team. Due to the complexity of the federal level legal mechanism, we use data visualization to help improve the accessibility of the content. The lobbying process is visualised in a form of interactive timeline. This approach has not only made the lobbying process more transparent but also educate general public about the topic.


We decided to publish all the information about the lobbying process for each campaign on our web applications that interested individuals can easily access them online. We further increase the ease of access by labeling them in relevant categories and partially revealing the content so that users can scan through them quickly. They can choose to read more content only when they decide to learn more about it.


In every democratic society, individuals can voice their opinions freely as long as it doesn’t infringe on others’ rights.

WeLobby is here to support this not only in principle but also in practice. While every submitted campaign is to be reviewed and considered equally, the crowdfunding mechanism is how the decisions are made. Only the successfully crowdfunded campaigns are to be lobbied for. We believe that the only way to guarantee the legitimacy of the topic we’re working on is to put the decision-making power back into the hands of the public.