Ethereum is an open-sourced, decentralized platform for P2P applications and digital currencies. Ether currency is the second most popular digital (crypto) currency in the world after Bitcoin.

Moving into the new phase, Ethereum needed a new identity that is more contemporary and inclusive. The original website was built after the project was first released in 2015 and in need of an update. had about 136 million visits in the last year alone.

My task was to redesign a brand identity and provide a new visual design reflectiing the new direction for the The work consists of two major elements: Dialect and The New Octahedron.


is a statement of inclusion and diversity in the Ethereum community. The familiarity of native speech assists the individuals in the understanding of notions as well as offers a sense of affinity and inclusion. When the word ‘Ethereum’ is used in a local context, it is translated into the language of that community. The first time I saw the word written in my mother tongue, Thai, it instantly gave me a sense of familiarity and inclusiveness in the very same way as when I overheard people having a conversation in Thai in an unexpected place. By internalising this experience, I was able to grasp that this open-source community is becoming a global village.

In the first version of Dialect, I have gathered the spelling of ‘Ethereum’ in 12 languages, which are English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Greek, Serbian, Arabic, Thai, Russian, Hindi and Hebrew. The work is written in javascript and stylized using CSS3.

The New Octahedron

is an emblem of collaboration and personalisation. Ethereum’s visual identity is a three-dimensional octahedron platonic solid. The (reddit) folklore holds that Texture and Vitalik designed this symbol based on two ‘summation symbols (∑)’ rotated 45 degrees to each side. The winner of the bounty reworked this when, after the pre-sale was launched, it took on a diamond-like shape.

Final design

What's a better way to visualise Ethereum than to embrace the creativity of the talented community? Therefore I turned to my friends who are an artist and a pioneer in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) arts: Ilan Katin, Mattia Cuttini, Oficinas TK, XCOPY. Each of us creates our own version of Ethereum’s brand image. All the artwork is then layered and stitched together to form a loop animation of a consistent flow of identity. The work has both light and dark mode as well as compatible with desktop and mobile devices.