Product Designer


Design a platform that helps collectors to organize and keep track of Non-Fungible Token arts and game items.


The booming of the ICO at the end of 2017 gave rise to a rapid adoption of the new products built on the decentralized techstack of Ethereum. One of the most widely adopted standards was ERC721 (NFT) that enable the minting of new unique tokens on the blockchain. Within few months, new waves of products backed by this standard had increased the transaction volume within the Ethereum network by manifold. Amongst all, Cryptokitties was one of the most successful projects that had gained a huge momentum in the space with the most expensive kitty being traded at $170,000. CryptoDecks saw an opportunity in this emerging market and went further to research about the needs of the market..

ERC721 standard
= NFT = Non-Fungible Token

The Challenge:

The proliferation of blockchain games and marketplaces that offer Non-Fungible Tokens had brought in new three main groups of users: gamer, collectors and traders. From the research and market observation, the collector and gamer group are the fast-growing groups. Both groups are facing the same problem - fragmented experience when it comes to display their digital artwork collections. There were two common ways to view your blockchain arts and game items.

1) From inside web3 wallet

2) From the account profile page (inside the marketplace application)

The ability to preview the visual property of the token has become a common feature of most web3 wallet. However, it is difficult if not impossible to let your friends see your collection of blockchain arts and game items without letting them see the balance and detailed transactions inside your wallet at the same time.

but needless to say, to view an art collection in the same place where you keep money (or in this case crypto money) presents a compromise to financial privacy.

While the in-app option provides a much better experience than the web3 wallet option, this approach faces a limitation in terms of the selection of the display and lack of support for non-native tokens. Most platforms, especially game platforms, only support native tokens which means that user cannot view the tokens purchased outside of the platform in their account profile page. User then needs to hop in and off to different platforms in order to see their entire collection.

Personal NFT dashboard:

I have acknowledged the above limitations and, together with the team, came up with a personal dashboard for digital collectibles which is platform agnostic so that users can view all of their blockchain collectible and game items in one place.

Tracking capability:

The design includes the features such item tracking capability so that users can see the price movement of the market directly inside the deck. However, the feature has not been developed due to the early cancellation of the project. The idea then remains in a design concept stage.