UX/UI lead

Blockpunk is a P2P anime studio based in Singapore and Japan that uses Ethereum blockchain technology to give fans and creators more voice in the anime production and control over their digital rights.

My work at Blockpunk includes the design and implementation of the new studio website, NFC chip and crypto art digital frame and certification, and an MVP for anime prediction market Crystal Ball. For the studio website, we have commissioned an artist to illustrate Blockpunk's webmanga in order to tell our story in the manner that resonates most with anime fans. Crystal ball's art direction and user flow is designed to optimize for familiarity among Japanese users and manga fans. Therefore, I chose to mimic the typical Japanese's website - messy, yet informative instead of applying a standard Western minimalistic style. So far, we have received approximately 51k page views with 46k among them are unique visits.


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Team up with Japan’s top producers

Japan’s top producers of titles such as Devilman Crybaby, the Animatrix, Zombieland Saga, Cencoroll and many others are coming together to make a new kind of anime studio and we need your help!

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Become a member and get exclusive rewards, merchandise and voting in the way the studio is run. This is enabled by new decentralised technology. Members receive tokens that represent a bundle of rights, access and privileges.

Pitch your ideas

To succeed we need art and science. The art will come from our network of creators and artists. Our team of producers and partners have worked at Netflix, Warner Bros, ComixWave, Toho, and Studio Mappa amongst others. The science comes from you - your tastes, your voice, your ideas, captured through our unique peer-to-peer platform.

Why now?

The anime business model is broken.

Production committees driven by TV broadcast and DVD sales are breaking down, making way for the big streaming platforms to finance productions. For the creators, streaming globally comes with a big trade-off in lost rights and no access to viewing data. These platforms are also not optimised to sell merchandise. That’s where we come in. Our unique polling and prediction platform allows fans to share their preferences directly with creators to plan future shows. We help creators deliver merchandise direct to fans at higher margins. We connect creators and fans, no middlemen. We uncover new stories and voices.

webmanga part one
webmanga part two

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