Arweave is decentralized data storage solution backed by sustainable and perpetual endowments, allowing users and developers to truly store data forever.

I was commissioned to redesign the brand identity, UX and UI design for


Arweave identity is based on the character ⓐ — U+24D0 in the Unicode character set. In 1987, Unicode was born as an open-source project that aimed to provide a global standard for text characters. It embraced the growing internet community and unified character sets, with widespread use in the internationalisation and localisation of computer software. Once the character was chosen by the core team, the transformation to a logo was conducted, as much as possible, with the preservation of the original Unicode character ratio in mind. As Unicode is one of the most-used information technology standards, an identity based on those standards would be readily acknowledged and easily accessible by the tech community.


The Permawall concept is the visualization of the (internet) memories that are stored on the permaweb. Each image tiled on the wall represents a topic that currently is or could be archived.
One of the topics displayed on the Permawall that I found fascinating was the project called WeiBlocked. They use Arweave technology to archive what are determined to be censored posts on Weibo (equivalent to Twitter in China), including articles on the coronavirus pandemic.


In addition to the Permawall concept, the redesign of platform encompasses several other sections which are developer documentation, technical blog section, web3 wallet flow, edge cases and code playground.